Charming Nature

Discover not only Broumov walls, take a trip throughout the Kovářová ravine to the chappel Star and stop at Vulture's Nest, where you can look at a magnificent view of the entire region Broumovsko.

For Your Children

We have prepared for your very youngest kids the sand directly on the terrace. Older children can use the playground, which is located 50 meters from the inn.

Czech Healty Foods

We cook both traditional and healthy Czech cuisine and fast food by European cuisine. If you do not choose from our offer, we will prepare food according to your taste.

Sport Activities

Adults and teenagers appreciate the opportunity to swim in local pond, there is also a volleyball and football courts, which are located 70 meters from the inn.

We provide you an experienced instructor who will teach you the basics of climbing. Ostaš is ideal for teaching beginners.

We provide you a balloon trip over Broumov walls. You can enjoy the enchanting landscape from the air.

Horse riding through the local landscape will leave you indelible impressions. We provide individual and group rides.

The local landscape is full of lakes and fishing opportunities. We get your fishing license, you just need a fishing rod.

Písková rokle a Slavenské vodopády. Venture into the rocks with an experienced guide off the hiking trail.

Handmade wicker basket production. Visit private workshop and learn how to weave baskets, Easter sticks, Easter hats.

Our Restaurant

We offer a large selection of meals, dishes, regional specialties as well as hot and cold appetizers or sweet spots after a meal. We prepare cold plates or buffet tables for special occasions.

Guitar Evenings

Guitar evenings have become our tavern tradition. Inverted Crocodile band will play and sing everything from folk songs to the big-beat. If you want to play yourself, do not hesitate, Fridays and Saturdays are here for you.

Barbecue Party

There is a barbecue area with a fireplace on the terrace, where you can ogrilovat leg or plain sausages. On request we can provide live or recorded music that will set your mood or even dance!

Happy Days Together

We organize wedding receptions for the intending spouses and we providing overnight accommodation for wedding guests.

For Lovers

We have a special offer of the heart weekends for couples in love. The condition is bring any heart.

Birthdays and name days

Birthday parties and celebrations name day (eg. Joseph) are one of the traditional events. There is even a good mood and music.

Sitting with Friends in the Barbecue

We arrange barbecue pork, chicken or turkey legs. We provide musical entertainment for the evening and you can just have fun!

Hlavňovský Beerman

We are a starting pub for beer drinking contest (3 beers in each of the 4 pubs). The competition takes place, usually at the third weekend in May.

Folk Gatherings

On an afternoon siesta, we have prepared crepes with ice cream and a cup of coffee or a few ounces of wine.

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About Us

U Doležalů Inn is located in Broumov hook, in a protected area Broumovsko. It is a land of magical beauty, which is one of the most visited areas not only in northeastern Bohemia, but also in the Czech Republic.

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